Every year, the International Human Rights Day is celebrated across the world. On 10th December 2018 the world commemorates the day United Nation General Assembly adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. The UDHR is one of United Nation’s major achievements. It is the first enunciation of human rights across the world. The 2018 commemoration of Human Rights Day will mark the beginning of a year-long celebration of 70 years since the international community adopted the Declaration. We celebrate all our inalienable rights and freedoms including;

  • the right to education
  • the right to a decent living
  • the right to health care
  • the right to live free from any form of discrimination among others.

Despite the efforts to protect human rights, the hostility toward human rights and those who defend them continues to rise. As a result, this year’s Human Rights Day advocates for “everyone to stand up for their rights and those of others – civil, economic, political and cultural rights”. Additionally, the day aims to enlighten us about how our rights are a foundation of sustainable development and peaceful societies. The day also acknowledges the advocates and defenders of human rights around the world. Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) play a vital role in agitating against human rights violations and they are often seen negatively for relentlessly demanding both state and non-state actors to respect and promote human rights.The most important factor defining a HRD, is the action taken in his/her work. A HRD is any individual or group taking action to protect and promote human rights through peaceful means. HRDs can be any person or group of persons working to promote human rights, ranging from intergovernmental organizations based in the world’s largest cities to individuals working within their local communities. Defenders can be of any gender, of varying ages, from any part of the world and from all sorts of professional or other backgrounds. It is important to note that human rights defenders are not only found within NGOs and intergovernmental organizations but might also, in some instances, be government officials, civil servants or members of the private sector.

LawQuery participated in the 2018 International Human Rights Day by educating members of the public on their rights and also through provision of legal aid services.

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